Roadside patrols

*********Hi Welcome to Roadside Patrol Forums*********

Welcome to the Rac Patrol Forum, we are a forum run by Rac Patrols for Rac Patrols, we have no ties with the company and are totally independent from all.

To gain full access to the forum you will first need to send a PM to the Admin, instructions on how to do this is in the first post in the welcome section.

We look forward to seeing you on the forum.

Thank you


Roadside patrols

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    Post  Admin on Tue 5 Mar 2013 - 17:14

    members : spike, Mr Blue Sky, rrrrr, sussex patrol, Cpt.Midnight, Bewildered, J88NER, Bigboy, patrol, Job A, Cheeky Monkey, Needs Tow, Kermit, C.W, Dan Dare, outsider, ghost, Eric, spudgun, Sleepy, muggins, racpat, big un, henry, Very Short Username, cylon, redfastbike1, KarmaKanik, Brianmrfq340, BrickTop, CAR, rock181, tin-ribs, not me, glow plug, hedgehog, gazza, smokinsuzi, ziggy9000, Marigold, cardan1986, chocolate spanner, taskmaster, upsidedownheed, towing again, dracool, longwayfromhome, orange rocket, ian1966, DJ Cuzz, wiggy, Norton, 90spec, dmc5007, Slacko, rusty nuts, Ken Barlow, rac1979, theorangevanman, TG916, Boabydan, Blade, skeandhu1314, can you fix it, BSM, Orange Rep, Clint Westwood, sherpa, who cares, Deny Deny Deny, toolguy, jokeronline, xantia, sickandtired, mdp2201, nohoper, jeepit, Orangecell, el cid, joethedog, Beacon boy, racsteve, varadero, tiredandfedup2, dub, M6patrol, intransit, rac1234, waggy, sparepart, misfire.no2, overdrive, politically incorrect, twizzy, J.A.P, volkswagon68, Big Bangers, happypatrol, markova, whynot, fueldoctor, wcnosp, fraggle149, chainsawharry, GREASE MONKEY 25, ACAS1, R Slicker, hayabusa, patrac

    This is where I have got to so far . If your still having issues and are not on this list PM me again as my inbox has been dumping PM's once full and as such I then have no idea if you have sent one or not. Yes I have been taken by surprise by the amount of requests.....Never realised that many read and never posted Suspect ...Join in now ☀ ☀

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