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Roadside patrols

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    Post  sparkysteve on Sat 11 Feb 2017 - 21:55

    hi i'm steve, living in Cheshire.
    i am attending an assessment in a couple of weeks and found this site searching for some insight into the process and working as a RAC patrol.

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    Post  dracool on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 1:16

    Hi Steve.Welcome to the forum and the rac. well what can I say.
    If you are happy to be working erratic shifts out in all weathers
    and have an understanding partner then you can't go wrong
    If you are willing to put in the hours and offer our products then
    the sky's the limit.

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    Post  TG916 on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 2:11

    It's a job, no more no less.. there's a huge positive and that's there is
    Good money to be earn't,but there's a bigger cost!
    I used to have a good social life! but I ain't no more... unsociable hours ruins you.

    But it's a job I love, And I'm on a very much off a love-hate relationship
    With it at the mo but that's probably just life now days!

    All the can suggest is,if your half happy where you are stay!!!!
    If you use this job as a 2 yr plan and smash the hours you will
    Do alright but the pressure is on patrols to do what's not possible
    And I believe most will end up in a negative, lost hope mentality?

    But As I say I love my job! but it's seriously fucked up by the management
    Style at the mo.....
    I'm confident we will still be here as patrols for the time being,
    But there's not a long time plan for me with this mob at the mo
    In my eyes.....I really would love to be proved wrong!!!

    Sorry about shit grammar.. pissed

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    Post  sparkysteve on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 11:41

    thanks for the replys
    the position is the night shift,
    as a natural night owl its perfect for me
    as to working in poor weather well i've spent 20yrs as a mobile service engineer
    i'm a member of 4X4 response, so out in snow, rain, floods etc helping the emergency services get where they need to be,
    and as a race marshal, well if you have ever marshalled at the Anglesey circuit the weather is somewhat extreme!
    the boss is unable to work, so she could fit in with my shifts,
    and we have discussed the possibilities, which we will again when the full details come in.
    i do miss being on the road, and helping people,

    can anyone give me some insight into the assessment day?

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